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90% Defective units

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In past 8 months, i've been seeing posts related to shut down and charging issues. Those customers were asked to go to service center. 70% of posts in this entire forum were made regarding the same issue and they all have hardware problems?? Instead of helping us asus is just sending us to service center then what's the point of having this forum??? Fanboys or "wannabe mods" just prented to be mods and reply on their behalf when they dont even work for asus and they dont even have idea of our issue. More over, all that mods have done in this forum is take logs, send service center or it will be fixed but ITS NEVER FIXED!!!! The screen recorder for gods sake is still having audio delay issues and asus has done shit in past 2 updates to fix it. No updates regarding the fix of this delay and new problem happens. People are unable to use their phone and not some but 70% of posts are related to serious issues like charging and shut off issues!

Mods if you don't fix these serious bugs in this fota then i will make sure no one in my city use asus phone series and i am serious about this. I will crack open asus so they cannot scam others like they scammed me and other people. If you call this "gaming phone" then i think i am better off with samsung or oneplus in this price range to play games.

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Regarding to the charging scenario, in my case when i plug in my 18 watt asus charger, my rog 2 charges but after some time it stops charging suddenly idk what's wrong.
I always have to keep eyes on my phone now just to check if its charging or not.
The same event happened today morning too
My battery was 7 % n i plugged in
It charged upto 30% n then it stopped charging...
I didn't see any kind of warning msg tho just i noticed that the led light was off n when i pressed power button to check charging status of phone, i saw the phone wasn't charging after being charged upto 30% . (previously it stopped at 69% so the prob occurs randomly not particularly when it reaches 30%)
Unplugging n replugging fixes the problem but i do not have time to do this shit always...
I would like to add more to this problem is i forgot to charge phone while gaming n my battery got to 3 %
I noticed the performance drop n immediately plugged the charger to side port but my phone didn't show any sign of fast charging or that ++ icon in battery n phone was like 3% for 15 min n then i unplugged n plugged again n after that it showed fast charging n my performance was somewhat improved back to normal state.

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Another critical problem i m facing is about internet connectivity
I can't use 4g when i switch preferred sim for internet
The internet can be used when i select 2g/3g
I have already dm'ed 1 mod about it now just waiting for his reply

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I agree. This is a gaming phone and issue like hardware issue because of gaming usage is unacceptable if it is build for it. I have another "not gaming phones" and i played allot before but never did i experience hardware failure due to usage.

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We made mistake now we can't do anything. You can just do one thing that downgrade from 10 to 9.