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$200 Phone VS Rog Phone 2

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Simple feature like recording a gameplay or stability, a simple $200 phone can do better. Asus proved that specs are just a thing to write on paper to increase sales. No more asus products for me specially after many suggestions that were not used in many previous updates. You can look at my previous suggestions and times i posted about bugs but nothing positive coming out of it. Developers really need to step up their software otherwise i will dump this phone. I am happy i didn't purchase the 500gb or 1tb version of this phone otherwise i would be upset with this. If i could i would just exchange this phone with redmi note 6. Like seriously this is super bad that even the recording in this phone has a real time delay considering its a gaming phone 😂 developers say that its a hardware issue, i have tried this with one plus 6 for the first time and no real time audio delay but today i tried it with a $200 phone (or cheaper) and really no sound delay in that too. I am actually surprised that this phone is just trash in terms of software and developers keep making lame excuses and no new stuff has been added since android 9, no recent security patches for months, barely any bug fixes in latest updates, update releases very late. What else i forgot to mention (of course a lot of things). The last thing i saw asus added was air trigger sliding gesture and android 10 (trash and bugs).
Users phones are freezing randomly and mods keep saying that use their log tool and replicate the issue when it happens. How are users supposed to record the log if the phone is frozen (often needs restart) or audio delay and stuff. I told asus a long time ago (before android 10) about the audio delay and they sent me log tool. I sent them the log of while i was recording and they said its too long of log and i need a time stamp when it happened. This is the thing they should tell me before sending log tool. I left it there and now in android 10 people are again facing the same audio delay issue (there since android 9) and they said its hardware issue.
This issue only happens when using wired or wireless headphones and the delay is massive. I keep telling them this but no one seems to care. If a developer cared then the devs would've fixed it long time ago but all they seem to care about small issues like facebook text and stuff that barely any users face. Massive issues are being ignored. Suggest to stick with other phones. Asus are being too ignorant.
I thought i would never post this thread but it seems asus needs a wake up call. Like this thread so developers can read it. Asus please at least fix the bugs and add some new stuff. Stop being lazy and give us atleast a fix for audio delay asap.