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What's up with AIR TRIGGERS ?

Rising Star II

I have Rog 8 pro  , 

Air triggers random shutdowns in the mid of fights i thought my fingers are getting older but then I tested out in settings and found out they ain't working well .

If I press them they will randomly stop getting pressed and will randomly start again . It's so buggy and I feel like we are getting beta tested by paying tons of money xD


And yes I have updated my phone and I know how to use air triggers . I have previous gen Rog phones too .

Kindly fix it asap software or hardware IDC i paid money you have to provide the solution. 


I am waiting and giving some time for fix . 

And just like before I will open consumer case xD . 

Yeah that happened with my Rog 3 .

If we didn't get proper solution I will do it again and certainly will let everyone know that day hopefully that will help everyone who wasted money on Asus's joke .

Rising Star II

Don't wait . It can't be fix using software.

This is not Joke . This is ridiculous by Asus. They know it that this not a software problem.

I think we all should have hire an advocate and go to the consumer court. That's what we can do only xD


Hello everyone!
I'm happy to announce that today we have released the new update 34.1420.1420.316 in which we added a new lower pressure threshold for the triggers called Ultra Minimum which makes it easier to press the AirTriggers, to do this you can go to Armoury Crate, select AirTriggers and go to the Tap Settings.


Along with this update, we are also improving other things such as the AeroActive Cooler, audio quality and an improved gaming experience.

【Release Note】

  1. Updated Android security patch to 2024-02-01
  2. Improved system performance and stability
  3. Improved gaming experience
  4. Improved AeroActive Cooler X stability
  5. Optimized system UI/UX
  6. Improved audio quality
  7. Improved experience of AirTriggers

The update is rolling out right now and should appear on devices in the coming days, if you don't see it then you can go to Settings > System > System update and check if you have an update pending.

It still doesn't work correctly. Update 34.1420.1420.316 did not fix the issue with AirTriggers. In the sensitivity setting, pressing works correctly, but it is worth pressing apply and they are buggy again. It feels like the setting is not saved.

this patch does not help in solving the problem!!! Have you tried playing on your phone yourself? It just lies gathering dust on the shelf. I can't use it in shooters! We've been waiting for an update for a month and you've issued a patch... which solves nothing !