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What's up with AIR TRIGGERS ?

Rising Star II

I have Rog 8 pro  , 

Air triggers random shutdowns in the mid of fights i thought my fingers are getting older but then I tested out in settings and found out they ain't working well .

If I press them they will randomly stop getting pressed and will randomly start again . It's so buggy and I feel like we are getting beta tested by paying tons of money xD


And yes I have updated my phone and I know how to use air triggers . I have previous gen Rog phones too .

Kindly fix it asap software or hardware IDC i paid money you have to provide the solution. 


Rising Star II

Can't be fix until you upgrade your phone to ROG 9 . 😂

Asus replaced or you can say downgraded Airtrigger with clicked system (Previous was ultrasonic which was perfect for trigger technology) . Software can't resolve this problem until they decide to replace it with ultrasonic for every user. And you can't complaint it Service centre because clicked system is working there is no hardware failure.

I can suggest you one solution start using  fire button with cooler button.

Dw bruh , service centre have to accept and Asus have to fix else I ain't gonna leave them xD . 

I will hunt them as long as I can in that case . I will wait a bit since it's really too new maybe Asus is working on fix already so a little time for them .

Totally Right thanks for responding me earlier, I believe that not a single update will sove the trigger issue which in-deed needs to be replaced with older version or just copy your competitors that have good triggers.  I was thinking the same to buy and use cooler button but then I will never pay 1500 for that maybe 700.  I am now seriously thinking of getting the Redmagic one.

Rising Star II

You can't do much now. Try hard if you get success then reply to this post.