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Triggers issues

Star II

Please please please fix these triggers they're horrible have to really focus just to make sure I'm pushing on them correctly... Waited almost a month for my phone to be delivered just to be disappointed by the air triggers. This is my second rog phone, previously had the rog phone 6d which the triggers weren't as bad decided to give Asus another chance purchasing the rog phone 8 thinking by now they would be better but it turns out these triggers are worse such a shame it's such a beautiful phone with so much potential please Asus make this right and fix your mistakes. switched from the red magic 8 pro because I love the look of the Asus rog phone 8 please don't let us down if this doesn't get fixed I promise this will be my last purchase ever from Asus as a company I know what Asus is a capable of and I'm sure they can fix these bugs with the rog phone 8/8 pro please please please fix the triggers. And before you ask yes I have the latest update no my phone isn't dirty and no I don't even have a case on the phone because any case will cause the triggers to react even worse. for the prices of these phones not to not be working correctly especially the triggers which is the biggest gaming aspect of the phone is just uncalled forplease and thank you...


Rising Star I

This problem has been around since the release of the phone and no one makes relevant comments on it, the phone is unusable with the trigers, I could buy that for 1500 euros with 24 ultra, which is quality somewhere completely different and not buy an average phone where even the basic thing for which one buys a gaming phone does not work...


Hi @ericramirez212, which issue are you experiencing? And which firmware version are you on?

327 latest firmware and basically they are just unresponsive too hard to activate the triggers and sometimes don't work 

Do you know if there's another update rolling out soon. Having some kind of change with the trigger issues. Please let me know thanks.