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Triggers issues

Star II

Please please please fix these triggers they're horrible have to really focus just to make sure I'm pushing on them correctly... Waited almost a month for my phone to be delivered just to be disappointed by the air triggers. This is my second rog phone, previously had the rog phone 6d which the triggers weren't as bad decided to give Asus another chance purchasing the rog phone 8 thinking by now they would be better but it turns out these triggers are worse such a shame it's such a beautiful phone with so much potential please Asus make this right and fix your mistakes. switched from the red magic 8 pro because I love the look of the Asus rog phone 8 please don't let us down if this doesn't get fixed I promise this will be my last purchase ever from Asus as a company I know what Asus is a capable of and I'm sure they can fix these bugs with the rog phone 8/8 pro please please please fix the triggers. And before you ask yes I have the latest update no my phone isn't dirty and no I don't even have a case on the phone because any case will cause the triggers to react even worse. for the prices of these phones not to not be working correctly especially the triggers which is the biggest gaming aspect of the phone is just uncalled forplease and thank you...


As mentioned by @Koudmaker you can try adjusting the pressure threshold of the AirTriggers to calibrate how much you have to press.
You can also go to Armoury Crate > Console > AirTriggers > Pressure-sensitive buttons settings > Tap setting and adjust it there.

Rising Star II

maybe you can try this 

Download activity launcher from the google play store and open it.

Look for airtriggers.


 after that open it and scroll til you see this 


 click on that and the next thing will open.


try here to recalibrate your trigger and see if it works.

Rising Star I

No, no settings help, no help to play without cover, no help, nothing helps, our whole community, only I have 3 pieces in my family has constant problems with triggers, they constantly activate arbitrarily several times while playing a game, no matter if Cod, Warzone, PugB, Fortnite, Blood Strike ... Unusable phone for gaming ...

Had a rog 6d and was able to use triggers with a case . While I do admit it is a little bit better once I changed these settings, it's still pretty bad that I have to take off my case every time before playing a game and put it back on when done

Star III

I have owned every ROG phone except for ROG phone 5. Previous phones with trigger issues were fixable because they were indeed software issues usually. This ROG phone 8 severely downgraded the trigger to be pressure actuated instead of capacitive ultrasonic triggers like those that came before. All the issues we experience now can be explained by this hardware change ( for no good reason ). And this also does not mean that the software is bug free as well. I have also experienced issues where trigger response is delayed and haptic function suddenly stop or become inconsistent halfway in games. This year's iteration is by far the worst implementation of a gaming phone i have ever seen.

Every single design change in this year's version has been very impractical for gaming. Not to mention the updates are slow and we are stuck with all these problems for so long. 

I am of the same opinion as Miros that I fear that this is something they cannot fix.