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touch glitch can double click on the spot i touch

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greeting all jjust want to ask is someone trouble like this too when i typing its sometime can double click not often but very annoying sometime...  this is are this software problem or hardware problem ?

type phone : rog 8 basic

system : .325


mine just double touch when typing but not stuck like that ... yeah just this rog 8 like this .. i already use rog 2 and rog 7 but never get bug like rog 8 .. . . .expensive not guarantee software bug LOL or defect item

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I have this problem too.

Actually the last update .325 Improve the air triggers and touch experience, i hope just a software problem that will fix later in updates

Sure i hope that too it software problem and get fix as soon as posible

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@Mattias_ASUS hi mod are this bug from software or defect lcd just curious if from lcd i will bring it to asus service center

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Thank you asus for the update so far its not bug anymore thanks for the mod and dev @Mattias_ASUS