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Screen Sensitivity Bug...very weird and slow in CODM gaming

Star II

Just got the Rog 8 and already experiencing bug, when i play CODM the screen sensitivity is strangely slow and sometimes not register. It is much slower than ROG 7 and iphone which has touch sampling rate 120hz (meanwhile ROG 8 should have touch sampling rate 720hz). Tried to tune up the sensitivity and max all x mode sensitivity setting it is still not working well. Anyone has this issue?

And strange thing is i also tried turn on glove mode and touch sensitivity, it becomes too sensitivity to the point where the screen response when my finger is 5mm away from the screen. Definitely an annoying bug especially in CODM. Hope this can be fix in next updates as ROG 8 should not be inferior than ROG6/7.


it had some improvement after the latest update and reinstall the game. But the touch/swipe sensitivity is still feels weird and slightly delay, its inferior compare to predecessor  rog6/7. Hope it can replicate the touch sens of previous rog. Thanks