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Rog phone 8 pro Air Triggers bug

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So i bought this phone with alot of expectation.

I found a bug/problem with the Air Triggers.

I tested it on all FPS games and i can guaranty that is not a game problem, it's the phone problem.

When i'm not moving the crosshair and i hit fire ( with the air trigger), i can't move the crosshair (while firing). It means when i hit fire, the crosshair is fixed to 1 position, i can't move it.

But. When i hit fire (with the air trigger) while moving the crosshair, the crosshair can move with my guns firing.

Let me explain it another way:

Let say my target is standing and i shoot at him. If he moves, i can't move my aim after him while the gun is firing. The crosshair fixed at 1 position.

But if my target is running around and i am moving the aim after him. When the aim is moving and i hit fire, now i can move the aim when the gun is firing.

This is bad. Very bad. I spend 1200€ for the phone's worst than a normal phone with a trigger Accessory.

Can you please fix this? I still want to gaming on this phone because i don't have to use accessory and i have a side usb for headphones.


I also have this problem on my 8 pro both in codM and warzone mobile 

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I have the same problem While playing PUBG mobile. I am returning this phone back and getting new brand. This is an absolute failure 

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The problem is worsening when playing any mode on PUBG mobile but it seems that the triggers become more stable if you are in training grounds. Pls try it and write back here 

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It's been awhile. I think ASUS won't fix it. The Gaming phone market is not big enough and we Buyers/Users have to live with it.

So i found a little trick to work it out.

As normal Controller Users, we use right Trigger to shoot, Left to ADS right? Switch them up. It will help. Because your right thump (aiming thump) will likely be on the screen before you shoot (with left Trigger). 

Some how it works for me. It takes a little bit to get use to but it works.

Hope it helps you guys.

Guys. They fixed it. There os a new OS update and it's fixed.