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Rog phone 8 pro Air Triggers bug

Star II

So i bought this phone with alot of expectation.

I found a bug/problem with the Air Triggers.

I tested it on all FPS games and i can guaranty that is not a game problem, it's the phone problem.

When i'm not moving the crosshair and i hit fire ( with the air trigger), i can't move the crosshair (while firing). It means when i hit fire, the crosshair is fixed to 1 position, i can't move it.

But. When i hit fire (with the air trigger) while moving the crosshair, the crosshair can move with my guns firing.

Let me explain it another way:

Let say my target is standing and i shoot at him. If he moves, i can't move my aim after him while the gun is firing. The crosshair fixed at 1 position.

But if my target is running around and i am moving the aim after him. When the aim is moving and i hit fire, now i can move the aim when the gun is firing.

This is bad. Very bad. I spend 1200€ for the phone's worst than a normal phone with a trigger Accessory.

Can you please fix this? I still want to gaming on this phone because i don't have to use accessory and i have a side usb for headphones.


Star II

Nah, It's not fixed yet even after this last update. The Air Triggers are not stable especially when you tilt your phone in all directions.

The problems is at its worse when playing Arena or any mode on PUBG mobile. In training grounds it's more stable. To sum up, you can't play and enjoy the game if you're using the phone and the cooler Air Triggers.


Star III

This bug I have too these triggers feel off they don't respond well compared to the 5s it's actually pissing me off quite a bit I spent 1600 on a phone and I expect the triggers to work just as good if not better if anything it may be also partly caused by slimming the phone too because seems as though those trigger don't trigger right went into to shoot randomly of it just lets go mid fire and gets me killed what the heck Asus !! It's either that or send me a 7 ultimate with phone with fan and take this POS back or make a new model that's similar to the last one shrinking the phone only hurts the battery performance and in the long run id rather have a bulkier phone with better battery bigger screen with front facing  speakers so my hand don't cover the one side  would be nice I'm very torn with my purchase here maybe if I have to switch I'll just go with the red magic instead at a fraction of the cost