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ROG phone 8 Air trigger

Star II

Just upgraded from 6 to 8 and it is a big disappointment. The whole purpose of buying the phone is because of the air trigger and with the updated phone, it doesn't work as good as before! Saw other posts on this issue and promised an update on software to resolve the issue but where is the update?

Please respond to this post!


Star III

They put a different system now, you need to press it and no touch

We know that they change the hardware but it is just not as sensitive as before. Playing PUBG, just try aiming with one trigger and firing with the other, it pisses you off. Even the cooler button works better then the ones on the phone.

Single press is fine but for shooting games, long press is essential. Further more, 4 touch points are used at the same time. So Asus must improve the software to resolve this problem. 

From the start, air trigger is designed for shooting games, if it can't serve the purpose, why should customers continue to buy Asus? I own Rog 5, Rog 6, no doubt that Rog 8 looks better (like iphone), but why buy Rog if gaming is compromised?

Rising Star I

can't be played with it, if it's true that they are not ultrasonic but touch, so they should have put buttons there, I could buy that s24 ultra, it came out cheaper than Asus...