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ROG 7 & 8 issues on A14 now being published worldwide on Tech websites.

Rising Star II

Rog 8 users ! 

If you also want to be heard go and leave your comment on the following link I have provide below , otherwise you will end up the way Asus did with us ( Rog 7 users ) . ! Join us now. 

Finally, we are now being heard everyone !

Droidwin ( A YouTuber) wrote a topic regarding overheating , fps drop , air triggers malfunction , and other issues on A14 .

I spoke with the author and he mentioned, " The more the number of user reports, the faster will be the chances of the issue getting in the eyes of Asus, and the quicker it might get addressed or at least we might get the downgrade package from them."

Please voice your concerns in the comment section on the following link :

@MiroS I have posted this on Rog 8 as you asked me to. Please ask other rog 8 users to unite with us as we are all on the same boat. 


Star III

Good initiative!

To avoid these issues I follow a simple rule: I never, ever upgrade an OS unless there is a real benefit. Why do people rush to upgrade the OS? It is always a gamble and is almost useless for smartphones that are built to have a very short lifespan, it is not a big deal for phones under $500, but for anything more expensive the risk is too high. I still have an old ROG II with the original Android 9 and it works without any issues (charged more than 600 times to date).
The original OS is always the most tested and stable.