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Hardware supports aptX Adaptive over LEA however it is not configured in source code

Star III

It seems the engineers who work on the AOSP build for the ROG Phone 8 have not configured the LE Audio (LEA) configuration file to enable aptX Adaptive over LEA.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 should support this. It was introduced with the previous generation and should also have been configured on the ROG Phone 7.

I can see clearly in the downloadable source code for AI2401-34.1420.1420.173 that the “LeAudioVendorConfiguration.aidl” file contains generic data, indicating it has been overlooked. I anticipate it should look very similar to the “classicAudioVendorConfiguration.aidl” file.



There may be other configuration requirements but it shouldn't be difficult for engineering to fix this. Definitely not if they sought support from Qualcomm on its implementation.

I have a QCC5181 receiving device which will connect to the ROG Phone 8 with LEA but it seems to default to the Opus codec. While I can see my QCC5181 device doesn't have the LC3 codec, it should still be able to use aptX Adaptive over LEA as a standard feature of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC - but only if the AOSP engineers actually enable it.

I have tried technical support as a route to get action around this but I am just told that the product doesn't support it. The only explanation I could accept for that would be that Qualcomm are trying to charge an additional license fee to allow the use of aptX Adaptive over LEA. I would be very surprised and disappointed if this was the case.

Any thoughts on how we feed this back to the right persons at ASUS? It looks like they could configure it in a future update.


Rising Star I

This is something that @Mattias_ASUS  can maybe push to the developing team.  Seems like a simple enough fix that can be implemented in the next update


Thanks for bringing this to my attention, will forward the info to the dev team 🙂