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Best place to buy the ROG 8 Pro in the US?

Star I

From what I see my options are Mobile Advance, the Asus store, Amazon (through MobileAdvance) and Abt.

Which is better? OR has fastest shipping? from what I see most have free shipping except for Abt, but it's a 10$ difference.

From what it's worth, I'm planning to buy the 1TB version and there's no discount in sight for it so price wise it's the same for all.


Star III

The best solution is not to buy rog phone 8 pro. Triggers are not working correctly. Freezes in games. And there are still a bunch of small breakdowns... Read the forum.

Rising Star I

Don't buy any rog phone, they are not fixing any bug, you can search in the forum, there is a lot complaint but no solution. Try search rog 7 and 8

How long does it take to fix a bug normally? Like in games it takes ages

Not all games require extensive time to complete; some can be finished in a day or a week. It's important to note that the speed of bug fixes often varies depending on how a company prioritizes its product.

As a consumer of ASUS products, I believe the company should take responsibility for their products instead of allowing issues to persist and accumulate complaints.

My concern is that even after weeks or months, ASUS has not addressed the bugs in Android 13, yet they have released Android 14, which is also plagued with complaints. It's frustrating to see them move on to a new version without addressing the issues with the previous one.

Despite ASUS's strong advertising for their gaming phones with premium software and higher prices compared to brands like Red Magic, the reality often reveals no noticeable difference and sometimes even worse performance. It's frustrating for consumers like me to invest in an expensive gaming phone from ASUS only to find lower quality and the added frustration of being treated like a free tester for their products. It's becoming increasingly tempting to switch to Red Magic and save money, especially considering ASUS's lack of responsiveness to bugs and issues. This disregard for customer concerns is likely why more people are advocating for Red Magic instead.