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Asus rog phone 8 wifi problem

Star III

asus rog phone 8 wifi disconnects in a area of my place , especially when I close the door and my other phone works well. Is this a software problem? 


Yeah yeah in what cost....this phone also became trash after latest software updates just like how they did on asus rog phone 5s pro..they are slowly yet surely ruining performance. Before out of the box asus rog phone 8 pro was performing so well, at that time it was having software version V34.1420.1420.173 and it was working so well that even in dynamic mode genshin Impact was running as if it's not a big deal at all and no issues at all, yes about air triggers they had to do something and so they did actually..they started to give software updates to improve air triggers responsiveness but at what cost?? To degrade your gaming phone performance?.. Well..i having anxiety attacks after seeing how nerfed they actually did in cost for improvement for air triggers..right now my genshin Impact stutters and lags, frame drops a lot whenever enemy does attacks and game shows graphical effects.. It just losses it's Fps at that time.. Mean whenever you try to engage in fights where your phones needs some graphical usage in terms for effects it just losses it's Fps.. I know, I know many dumb people say that it's not a big deal that sometimes it losses it's Fps.. But when you have soo expensive phone and you expect consistent performance from a gaming phone then you will know how it feels like.

Where do I download that update?

I downloaded it from the Asus website directly from my browser on the phone but after finishing downloading it I click on it to install it but it doesn't do anything, it just says this file can't be opened