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Asus rog phone 8 wifi problem

Star III

asus rog phone 8 wifi disconnects in a area of my place , especially when I close the door and my other phone works well. Is this a software problem? 


Are you using  wifi dual band  in your rog phone 8 ?

There are many user posts complaining about WiFi malfunction. Asus should inform us whether it's a hardware or software issue and if they're working on a solution with a patch. After what we've spent to buy it, it's the least they can do. I'm considering returning it.

Well... In my previous experience with asus devices- all the noise we are making it's just voice in the desert! Asus don't care.
I like my rog phone 8 pro, but i also considering to return it and to take out of the box my Realme GT2 pro- device without a single problem for the time I've used it (almost 2 years).

I have tried different combination (dual band, only 2.4GHz, only 5GHz, 2.4GHz primary, 5GHz secondary and vice versa) with the same unacceptable and frustrating result! 

Sorry to hear that mate, this phone is really not ready and asus  went  to a fast money cash grab, shame on asus. Now I get it "For those who dare" wasting their money on a broken phone well done asus 😂