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Star III

My phone is on the latest firmware .325

Its stuck rebooting everytime i have WiFi and Mobile Data on. Once these two are on the phone stays rebooting. Once i turn them off the phone boots normally. I can't use internet at all on the phone if i turn any of them on the phone crashing on goes in a bootloop and keeps on rebooting! I just got this phone and i was so excited about it no im really aggravated. I spent a $1000 from Asus official website and got the US version so i have no issues but i ended up with a phone that i cannot use. Please help with this issue its urgent.


Hold up and power button when turning your phone on.  Do a factory reset from that menu.  
You may have to do this without your sim card in.  

Get the phone going over Wifi.  Run software/Firmware update. 

Star II

When is it expected that there will be firmware updates for the rest of the phones in other series expereincing these issues.  The 6's and 7's?

The ROG 7 firmware update was released on 3/28/2024 to fix the boot loop issue. There is no word on the ROG 6.

Star I

Hey Guys,

This issue happened to me today, same symptoms, non stop rebooting, shut down data and wifi and no issue...
So following forums and this post, the patch of the moderator is the solution.

I also add this link so you know how to do it.

Note i have the ROG PHONE 8 PRO and it was difficult to do it, so what i did is to set the battery on durable mode and worked with the wifi and i manage to download the firmware update and patch the phone.
So far it's working... so i hope this helps you aswell.

Good Luck!!