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Asus rog 8 garbage for $1000

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I'm posting my review on YouTube, on behalf of the owner. Let's see who gets the most views... I will tell you the whole truth about the garbage called ROG PHONE 8 and 8 Pro. I hope the bloggers you bought will use your products for life. I did not expect such a shame as rog 8 from ASUS. Good luck to ASUS. Subscribe;)


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Yes, I have a Rog Phone 7 and Asus gave it the A14 update a little less than 3 weeks ago. Since then the phone has been completely unusable and gaming is impossible because the phone has numerous bugs and the fps is completely unstable and Asus does not react in any way. I don't recommend Rog phones to anyone because Asus gives updates that ruin the phone and the systems are not compatible with the phone. I'm not the only one with these problems, read more in that Rog Phone 7 section.

Same with mine. Updated to Android 14 and numerous problems that have yet to be addressed. I downloaded the last android 13 update to come out before 14 from Asus website but I'm not sure you can even do that. 

Rising Star II

Good Job Let the People know about truth . 

How ASUS fooled the people after charging $1000 and above.

Kindly share you tube link.