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Air Trigger issues based on my observation

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I have used every ROG phone as my main phone except ROG 5.

Like many people here I have had issues with the Air Triggers on my Rog Phone 8 Pro and I am also very disappointed in this year's iteration of ROG phone.

The triggers are difficult to actuate triggers, requiring more force compared to Rog 7, and also frequently Air triggers getting stuck mid game, often ruining the game.

I have noticed that when games get more intense and I am subconsciously pressing harder, the issues are more likely to happen, and I have noticed that when I apply even abit of twisting force to the phone's housing, the triggers will actuate unintentionally. The issue is alot worse when I am using the plastic phone case that come in the box. 

It doesnt help as well that the camera bump is in the way of my grip causing me to hold it in the way that makes the issue more likely to occur.

The main reason I believe to be the case is the poor engineering decision to use pressure actuated triggers rather than the capacitive ones in ROG 7 or earlier models. The plastic case as well as how users hold the phone and how hard we press is interfering with the triggers so much that when i press left trigger, the right trigger also reacts.

The hard plastic case in the box also seems to be clipping hard enough on the phone's housing that the sensor are sensing an input and gets stuck.

Currently in my case it seems like using it without a case or with a softer case like the devilcase seem to alleviate the issue (But doesnt fix it, triggers can still get stuck even without any case). I think the root cause is hardware design related and I am not sure how much all these software updates can fix the issue. Would be great if Asus can make it work, it really felt like I bought a gaming phone that is more unreliable than any other mainstream device and this is not a good look. 

Also my SW: 34.1420.1420.327

Please tell me that there is a way to fix it. I can live with the triggers being slightly harder to press, but it getting stuck and unintentionally release when I'm holding it is completely unacceptable




Rising Star I

es, now I'm trying, when I touch the back side in the anime vision places, when I play , the triggers are triggered when I touch the back cover ....

Star III

Happening with me too .

Playing FPS GAMES is impossible air trigger will start ghort pressing 🤡.

In easy words visit service centre do RMA or let's take this to court and get full refund easy as that .

Ain't playing such high money for faulty hardware 

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Yeah I think your right has to be hardware I noticed it was sticking and I think the pressure of how it's made actually causes the trigger to stick prolly from the screen seem like that at least to me I'm very upset too 1800$ I want my money bad or at very least a new one without this problem 

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I still cant get over the fact that they changed capacitive triggers to pressure triggers. Even the difficulty of pressing the triggers should be easily noticeable if there was any testing or QC process done. The fact that these issues are so prevalent and they still went ahead with the release is appalling. It really begs the question if there is anyone on their design team who really understands what is important in gaming?

That's what I was saying I'm super pissed and there service department is actually quite difficult to work with too and they don't have a fix for it yet unless they change them back