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Air Trigger Issue in ROG 8 Pro

Rising Star II

Air trigger pressure are much higher and not stable at all even you set lowest on Pressure button setting from AC . Sometime it work and sometime doesn't. When you connect Aero Active cooler X the air trigger are less stable and required more pressure. ASUS should fix this for the all gamers who all love ROG Phone Series. Else they will never buy upcoming ROG series Phone in future.

I think The Pressure on air trigger should be fix with less Force on trigger with more stability. The Problem will be sort out easily.

I hope Asus ROG Phone Team will read my comment and will sort out in next update and reply to me.

Please Asus Fix this issue. Eveyone facing this issue who bought ROG 8 Pro.

In other feature the phone is very good .

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Star I

I now have ROG 8pro and have the same problem. Triggers are unstable only during gaming, but during non-game testing they work perfectly. 

In RED MAGIC triggers work great. Asus, aren't you ashamed? 


Star II

For me its not just the triggers. The whole touch feeling is super slow compared to my ROG7 touch. I just bought this phone to play WZM with the bew chipset, but it was my biggest mistake ever.

Star III

I have Rog 5s and Rog 8 Pro

Now I use Rog 5s Trigger working best but Rog 8 Pro worest triggers

so  I left it rog 8 pro it's just for sleeping mode😴😴 

Unlock tool also gone totally rog products waste

I do agree with you, my ROG6 triggers worked way better than my ROG8 Pro. With the latest update on the triggers, it's definately better than when I first got the ROG8. Now I realized when i press the left trigger fast enough, the right trigger will activate as well. Scary as hell.