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Your Own ROG VISION With Photoshop & HxD [TUTORIAL]

Star I

Hi all,

This is the list of things that you have to do in order to make your own ROG VISION:

0) I used Photoshop (for gif) and HxD (for editing the code) but can be used anything else.

1) Download the image i've made, can't upload the .psd due to the forum rules 

2) You will find a frame that are the limit of the display (it has been hard to determinate 😫) be sure to stay inside that when you make your gif so your animation will be not cutten off.

3) Once you did your stuffs (i assume you know how to make a gif in photoshop) go to file > export > save for web. Now in this window, to get the best quality set: Colors (256) Quality (Close to the nearest) then press save.

4) Now that you have your GIF in order to make your phone detect it we have to make a modify to the code of the   GIF so open your GIF with HxD.

5) Scroll to the botton and paste this code (00 21 FE 06 52 4F 47 43 30 31 00 3B) then press save and now you are ready to put this file in the download folder of your ROG.


IF you have other versions you have to send to your pc a self made gif in the editor of rog vision and the open it with HxD so you can see at the botton of the page wich code you need. You can individuate the right code from the column decoded text selecting this ->  .!þ.ROGC01.;

let me know if it helped you or if you have problems 😉



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Community Manager
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