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Whoop Pairing

Star I

I see this has been posted for the Zen phone but thought I would post here as it is an issue with the ROG Phone 7 and several other Android phones as well. The Whoop app will not successfully connect to the strap. However, if I go into the phone settings/connected devices, I can pair the strap to the phone. So I don't think it is a BLE issue but rather an issue with the Android 13 OS update and the Whoop app. I was also having the same issue with the OnePlus 9 Pro and it was fixed by OnePlus issuing an update to their Oxygen OS. Discussing this with Whoop, they are suggesting to customers to speak directly with the phone manufacturer as they say it is an issue with Android 13. Since this issue affects multiple Android phone I tend to believe what they are saying. Is this an open issue at Asus that is being worked on? Thanks


I have had the same problem with the Rog 6 phone since the 13 update. I was considering upgrading to the rog7 . But now I know that isn't compatible with the whoop strap too and I see in 2 weeks since your post Asus haven't even replied to you .  Well done Asus and thanks a bunch !