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Where the HECK is the bootloader unlock tool?

Star III

what's taking so long?


Star II

Support is telling me about it, they told me 12 days ago, bootloader unlocking is coming back in September/October 2023

You have to understand that they probably have to redo the development of the tool, and all the client/server parts, it's a lot of work
I really need the tool too, the device stays in its box, but we have to be patient.

October??? they promised to us before that the tool will come at Q3, it means the deadline is the end of september and now they add october? so what after that? november? december? next year? or never?

why did they have to redo the development? the old tool works fine (although it kinda stupid that it won't unlock a relocked-device). why didn't they develop the new tool while still leave the old tool running? why did they have to shut it down? asus didn't give us any explanations

Star II

Maybe they had a problem with the server, and have to redo everything. the problem is that there is no clear enough communication from them, and the deadlines may not be respected, it's annoying...

The problem is that you need a key that is sent back by the server for unlocking, we can't do without them, let's just hope that it still has the database of these keys.