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WhatsApp crash

Star III

After updating to new version of a14 WhatsApp has been crash I can't use it please solve this


Star I

I have the same problem. After the last update, WhatsApp closes continuously. There's no use reinstalling the app, it closes and crashes.

Join there and tell about your problems with the Android 14 system. We are trying to join forces to get Asus to downgrade to the Android 13 system, because after the arrival of Android 14, the phones have become useless. A14 has been affected in the following ways negatively: Poor performance, overheating, unstable fps that makes drastic drops, some apps crash or don't work properly. Android 13 system working perfectly and not have these problems.

Star III

yup, uninstalling the app, installing to latest app also does nothing... stuck at restoring messages... damnit... why did i uninstall the **bleep** app

Star II

Urgent want to use whatsap app 

you're not the only one