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WhatsApp crash

Star III

After updating to new version of a14 WhatsApp has been crash I can't use it please solve this


Dude do the following steps and your problem will be solved like mine.


Uninstall updates of "Settings": [Settings] > [Apps & notifications] > [See all xx apps] > [Settings] > upper-right three-dot icon > [Uninstall updates]. If you choose this option, please make sure you have already updated to .71 version to make sure WhatsApp issue is resolved.

Hi there @Titan_ASUS , I've noticed that the Chrome Browser also force closed. Tried to reinstalling the setting apk update but didn't work. There's Software update, I've updated to the latest, Chrome still force closed.

So sorry, it's not that I (or we) don't want ro switch browser, but since android is Google based, I've synced lot of things, and one of them is Chrome (history,pass,autofill,payment). Please have a look at this probs.

Thank you good sir 

Please give us a downgrade to a stable Android 13 system because since Android 14 came out these gaming phones have not been able to play because the system is completely unstable and the performance is gone and these have only bugs and problems. We have received several "corrective" updates that have not helped and have only caused more problems. Almost 4 months have passed since the phones broke down.

After this, it works fine! thank you