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WhatsApp crash

Star III

After updating to new version of a14 WhatsApp has been crash I can't use it please solve this


Thank you. It's not like that I doubt the solution you gave, but can anybody elses here confirm that this method works and ensure me (and the others) that this APK is safe enough to be installed?


Hi please do not worry and this "ROGASUS settings.apk" (rendered by our dev. team) is safe. Thanks.

I tried this method right after it's confirmed that this is a system APK update officially from Asus's side.

The feedback: I installed, updated, rebooted, and try to open both whatsapp & mbca. They both work normally.

I hope this won't be the final solution, because when we all have decided to get this phone, we decided carefully, and with all our trust to ASUS.

I hope the final fix will be deployed ASAP and error after updates wont happened ever again.

Please mark down all the current problem to your dev (include those fps dropping, overheat, battery drain, trigger less sensitive, hyperfusion,band wifi and more and more )

I copied this list from a nice person here. Please consider these probs.


 Permenant rog 6?? What dev fix ??