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Waste of money

Star II

Buying ROG phone 7 is a complete waste of money. 


Star II

Restart loop ,restarting again and again and run out of battery .Mic and Speaker completely stopped working. What the Fu*k??? Samsung would be a better choice. I did a mistake buying this fu*cking asus ROG phone.

yeah, my ROG 3 broke and they were not able to repair it after months and months. got it refunded and bought ROG 5, broke and motherboard was replaced within warranty, now motherboard is broken again and out of warranty and they are asking me almost the same amount of a brand new phone and a newer model at that. lol.

Star III

I also buy Rog phone 7 and be wonder what Vo-WiFi and Vo-LTE NOT  working on this flagship phone. Its not serious. I am also very sad.