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voLTE for Orange Spain.

Rising Star II

Hello. I am interested in the rog phone 7, but I would like to know if this phone will have LTE voice for Orange Spain. The last rogs phone I had didn't have... this is necessary because 3g is going to disappear soon... I won't be able to make calls if rog7 doesn't have volte...


Hello @Mansi_ASUS @ . Through a user of this forum, I have discovered that applying the code *#*#3642623344#*#* voLTE activates and works perfectly with Orange Spain, but every time I restart, I have to apply the code again. Could you guys do something to make the activation permanent? if voLTE works with this code, it means that the Rog7 with Orange Spain is compatible, please do something to make the 4g call option permanent in the settings. Thank you

Rising Star II

Hello. Please implement it. It is necessary, 3g will soon disappear. Thank you

Star III

Don't know how mobile networks operate outside the U.S. but I get voLTE on AT&T. It might have to due with the carrier or not supported by the phone or carrier for this specific phone 

I have always had volTe with Orange Spain on other devices. With Rog I never had it. It is necessary for asus to enable it because soon 3g will be gone.

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Community Manager
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