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Rog 7 Vs Rog 6 Vs Rog 5 Vs Rog 3 Speakers

Zen Master I

I am not a hardware expert but was wondering if anyone has an early opinion of the speakers of the rog phone 7? Rog 7 has a 5 magnet system, same as the Rog 6. The Rog 5 Had a 7 magnet system as did the Rog 3. Does this mean that the Rog 3 and Rog 5 speakers are better than the Rog 7 speakers? The bass on the Rog 6 was non existent & this may well be the case with the Rog 7 too. Would really appreciate any info/help with this subject. Thank you.


Rising Star II

Hi there. I can answer your question because I already have my new rog7. I can assure you that the audio is spectacular. I had the rog3, and the rog6 (which I returned to Asus after 2 weeks because they gave me an s22 ultra). The rog3's audio was very good, the rog6's not so much... but the rog7's, for my taste, the best audio I've ever heard on a phone.

Hi, how did you get your Rog 7 so quickly? How much you pay? How's the phones temperature?

is available in some EU countries for ~1200eur, I am talking about the black and white version with 512gb and without the back screen (Aero cooler included)

it is likely that I will wait for another version since my Rog 2 512gb still works without any problem (with android 9).  when I spend that kind of money on a phone, I expect it to last several years.

Rising Star II

I bought the normal version of 512gb in black, in Spain it was available to send. I have not yet done performance and temperature tests, as soon as I know something, I will comment. All the best!