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Enable Gesture Navigation in Games

Star II

So, big problem since Asus rog phone 6. The previous thread I created, noone ever responded and the thread was closed due to inactivity. 

Now it's rog phone 7. Same problem still.

During games, you cannot currently swipe once form side of screen to back, nor swipe from bottom of screen once, to go home. 

It requires TWO swipes to activate. I understand this is to prevent accidental swipes. 

Now, there is an option or should be an option as described in the tutorial to TURN IT OFF. 

HOWEVER, see in the attached photo, the option is GREYED out. 

Why? How can we toggle this? 





Navigation blocking can be activated from Game Genie inside a game, it should be right beside "Refresh Rate"

However, this makes so you can't accidentally get out of the game no matter how many swipes you use.


What you could do is to go into your game library in Armoury Crate and unselect the game from your "Manage game list", that way you can use only 1 swipe to get out of the game.

Thanks for the response, yes, but I'd I remove it from the game list, then I CANNOT use air triggers.

The main point of the phone gaming is for the shoulder buttons. 

Why is the option greyed out? What's the solution for this? 


The greyed out option is the one I mentioned above, it is to lock you out from accidentally swiping away from the game and it is activated directly on Game Genie, you can try it there but as I said, it will not let you leave the game.

The reason it is greyed out is because you can activate it directly on Game Genie.

So how can I enable one swipe gestures in game WITHOUT disabling air trigger functions?