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VoLTE and VoWiFi not working ROG Phone 7

Star III

Hi I am from Switzerland, I have two SIM from two different carriers and both support VoLTE. Swisscom and Sunrise... However I don't have the option in my ROG 7 Ultimate to turn VoLTE. What can I do?



That's really odd then. Try making a call and check your SIM status in About Phone while the call is in progress to confirm it is not using 4G. If you are indeed getting only 3G, then the only other suggestion I can make would be to try matching the APN settings with your Samsung's.

Hi I did some more testing and I am actually not convinced anymore, my problem was directly related to VoLTE.  However, thanks to your continuous support I found the issue. I think it was a conflict between the active calling Sim and the preferred data sim. I was able to.solve the issue by changing a setting. Let me explain:

I have two sims in my phone:

  • Sim 1: Carrier: Swisscom, VoLTE (4G calling) activated
  • Sim 2: Carrier: Sunrise, VoLTE (4G calling activated
  • Main Sim for Data: Sim 1

Issue (found these details only because your questions, thanks again):

  • When I received a call on SIM 1, I was able to surf the internet during the call. All good, VoLTE working)
  • When I received (or made) a call with Sim 2, I did not have any internet. Probably because the phone was busy with the ongoing call on Sim 2, and could therefore not use the selected main data Sim (Sim 1) at the same time. 


Solution: in the settings for SIM2 I had to activate "Data during calls, temporary use Sim's 2 Data during VoLTE calls...."

Now everything works.. 


Thanks again

Nice!! Glad you could find a solution :D!


You are on Swisscom and Sunrise, right? Do they support ROG Phones in their network?

Star III

Hi, both carriers do not exclude any brands. It's only depending on Android 12 or higher and if VoLTE is activated in the phone.