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US versions of ROG phone 7 does not work with Google wallet Tap to Pay

Star III

I just received my ROG phone 7. I ordered it from the site directly, so I assume it is legit.

The model number on the box says : ASUS_AI2205_E

I am not able to set up Tap to pay (google pay / wallet) on my phone. I get the message "This phone can't be set up to tap to pay". Not sure what the problem is. According to google play, my device is "Play Protect Certified". I also see on the Google Wallet "Tap to Pay setup" that "Phone does not meet security requirements". Not sure what the issue is. Looks like other folks who purchased US variants of the phone are also not able to set up Google Wallet or Google Pay.

Note : The phone has been updated to the latest security patch (May 1 2023) and running the latest firmware (WW_33.0820.0810.188)


Actually.. I was surprised as well.. I had been trying to add a card to Google pay everyday for the last whole week.. and I was getting the error - I tried 3 different types of cards - and they all were failing.

Today morning, it just worked. It is possible that Google updated some list somewhere, where it recognized my specific phone model.

Thanks for following up though. Appreciate the customer focus.

Community Manager
Community Manager
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