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US versions of ROG phone 7 does not work with Google wallet Tap to Pay

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I just received my ROG phone 7. I ordered it from the site directly, so I assume it is legit.

The model number on the box says : ASUS_AI2205_E

I am not able to set up Tap to pay (google pay / wallet) on my phone. I get the message "This phone can't be set up to tap to pay". Not sure what the problem is. According to google play, my device is "Play Protect Certified". I also see on the Google Wallet "Tap to Pay setup" that "Phone does not meet security requirements". Not sure what the issue is. Looks like other folks who purchased US variants of the phone are also not able to set up Google Wallet or Google Pay.

Note : The phone has been updated to the latest security patch (May 1 2023) and running the latest firmware (WW_33.0820.0810.188)


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I contacted both Google and ASUS support. They were passing the buck back and forth.

Incidentally, I found this list, of google play supported devices :

It includes only ASUS_AI2205_A and ASUS_AI2205_C , which are the global versions I presume. The US versions end with _E and _F and they are not there(I see _B and _D on geekbench as well).

Kindly requesting ASUS to report the complete list of ROG Phone 7 models to google.

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Hey apparently the issue is with the nfc hence your wallet payments don't go through ...

I have been facing the same issue with my nfc where in it works perfectly when nfc is toggled on and off but stops working as soon as you lock and unlock your screen 

Seee if toggling nfc works for you if so it's the same issue that I have been facing 

Rog phone 7 ultimate - attached system update info

Dont think its the same problem. I am not even able to add the card in the first place. When you are adding the card, there is no NFC involved. NFC is used only when you make the payment.


Thanks for your reply and our R&D team is looking into this issue.