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SIM signal not being detected ROG 7 ultimate

Star I

I am with Three mobile. I have tried to put the sim in my old phone and works perfectly fine. I did try doing airplane mode for 5-10 seconds doing on and off. My network will show up but after 5-10 seconds it will turn off or couldnt get any signal even going outside the house is a struggle getting a signal.

Phone has been updated to latest version.

Build number - ww_33.0820.0810.232



Does this happen on sim slot 1 or 2? try both to see if you get a different result.
And make sure to enable 2G/3G/4G on network 🙂

Hello, this happens in Slot number 1. I can confirm all connections are enabled for 2,3,4G and 5G network.


I had no issues when I was in Denmark, in fact I got a much better signal than in the UK.


Just to confirm, this happens ONLY in Slot 1? Slot 2 has no issues at all?