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Rog7 another hard pass

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Since people keep asking me, yes the Rog7 is another pass. It's similair to Rog6 series and very likely as fragile as well, this time however ASUS has to do a major fk up to cause dead PM chips since the gen2 chip is much more efficient than previous gen. So I don't think that this series will actually have blowing up PM chips, that being said as we saw on the Rog Phone 6, ASUS can still mess up another circuit.

Now you may ask, If the Rog7 finally stops dying why is it a hardpass?

There is literally no reason to buy the Rog7. The gen2 chip runs hella efficient and therefore really doesnt need that much cooling to be fully utilized. There are only few companies like samsung who somehow still mess up the cooling for a low power drawing chip, however the others do a fantastic job cooling the chip down just fine. So if performance is not a factor anymore, what does the Rog7 realisticly still offer?

The answer is nothing.

There is nothing the Rog7 has to offer that has any real value over a normal consumer phone, you're paying premium for a midrange phone with a highend chip and terrible software support. Camera is budgetrange, Display is anchient E4 panel, the "aero cooler" is just a crappy addon to unluck full performance for no reason as ASUS artifically bottlenecks your phone even tho passive cooling is more than enough to cool the chip down, which means without cooler the Rog7 will perform worse than the average consumer phone with the gen2 chip, Battery life is even worse since consumer phones like to have around 5000mah, however due to new display tech have much more efficient displays causing less powerdraw which outlast the Rog7, no wireless charging, no SD card no nothiing, there is literally nothing but "bling bling" to it.

I expect the sales of the Rog7 to be extremely low this year, even last year we saw a declining number of sales after information came out how much more efficient gen2 was going to be.


Pretty much, if you pay that much money for a niche phone at the very least make sure the software support is top notch.

Thanks for your insight. Probably I'll only get the phone when it's heavily discounted at only a fraction of price + just for the lolz (like ROG 5 I have now, which is just... abysmal. A gaming phone which loses to a non-gaming phone when playing a game. I can't fathom that).

The display choice is just so bizarre. Not only does it have rather high input lag but when it gets warm it starts to miss touch inputs and delay even further, the fact ASUS still uses the same outdated E4 panel from 2020 in their current flagship blows my mind.

That's odd. I do still experiencing that "ghost touch" issues during CODM gameplay especially when the device is hot and sometimes the phone couldn't keep up with my input. Not only that, the right air-trigger would sometimes giving up on me when I rapidly tap it.


Gosh, and I thought ROG Phone 5 should be way better than my previous Lenovo Legion Phone Duel.

I keep spreading information about these phones but due to fanboyism the videos and texts get downvotes hence very low visibility.

here is a video I made quite some time ago, still stands due to being the same improper E4 panel. Skip to display not suitable for competitive gaming.

Unfortunately people are more interested in watching ads disguised as reviews rather than honest reviews so people like you get fooled into buying a phone you would never have purchased if you had seen the non visible videos. Not much I can do.