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Rog7 another hard pass

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Since people keep asking me, yes the Rog7 is another pass. It's similair to Rog6 series and very likely as fragile as well, this time however ASUS has to do a major fk up to cause dead PM chips since the gen2 chip is much more efficient than previous gen. So I don't think that this series will actually have blowing up PM chips, that being said as we saw on the Rog Phone 6, ASUS can still mess up another circuit.

Now you may ask, If the Rog7 finally stops dying why is it a hardpass?

There is literally no reason to buy the Rog7. The gen2 chip runs hella efficient and therefore really doesnt need that much cooling to be fully utilized. There are only few companies like samsung who somehow still mess up the cooling for a low power drawing chip, however the others do a fantastic job cooling the chip down just fine. So if performance is not a factor anymore, what does the Rog7 realisticly still offer?

The answer is nothing.

There is nothing the Rog7 has to offer that has any real value over a normal consumer phone, you're paying premium for a midrange phone with a highend chip and terrible software support. Camera is budgetrange, Display is anchient E4 panel, the "aero cooler" is just a crappy addon to unluck full performance for no reason as ASUS artifically bottlenecks your phone even tho passive cooling is more than enough to cool the chip down, which means without cooler the Rog7 will perform worse than the average consumer phone with the gen2 chip, Battery life is even worse since consumer phones like to have around 5000mah, however due to new display tech have much more efficient displays causing less powerdraw which outlast the Rog7, no wireless charging, no SD card no nothiing, there is literally nothing but "bling bling" to it.

I expect the sales of the Rog7 to be extremely low this year, even last year we saw a declining number of sales after information came out how much more efficient gen2 was going to be.


Star III

I think Asus should focus on a premium phone with premium features for everything (body/camera/speakers/cpu&gpu/software support/etc) and move away from pure "gamer" folklore (silly LEDs and design on the back and ridiculous "cooler"). I am willing to pay even more for an 'elegant' and powerful high-end phone that can be used for any activity without shame.

Yeah I agree, it makes no sense having a gamer phone when the chips are so efficient that even a consumer phone will perform identical to it.

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Not much more to say, anyway Asus's contempt for users and their bugs comes at a high price, the total lack of interest of the ROG7 since its presentation is the return of the stick to the shepherdess, and sincerely it pleases me to see that previous Rog users buying the ROG7 are exceptions.
It is also a masterful Flop in Asia and it is even more significant.
For your information, the USB-C output of the new Aérocooler does not transmit video.
Sorry for no longer participating here, especially on the ROG5 but I gave up since this new site, too many crap constraints, loss of 2/3 of the useful display, at the start "load+" instead of being able to access a page or to the next group, in short, like Asus products.

They did not understand that when you pay 1000+ us/eur for a phone you are required at the very least to have up to par support as far as the software is concerned and not only for the first 12 months but also for 3-4 years after that. 

Maybe they should only come up with a new ROG Phone every 3 years....