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ROG Phone 7 Ultimate FPS Drops after Android 14

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I play PUBG Mobile(with 90fps) and COD Mobile(120fps) regularly, in multiplayer matches face to face with real opponents it's impossible because the cell phone stays frozen for a second and the FPS display drops to 30 fps in some moments to 15 fps.

Before I downloaded Android 14, everything was very smooth and there were no drops at all. I ask you to fix the problem.




If my gaming devices fix Rog Phone 7 and especially Rog Phone 8 pro, if they both work stably and smoothly, then for me there are no better smartphones than Asus Rog 8 Pro. But if everything continues as it is now, i will have to switch to another brand

If this problem is not fixed with this Rog 7 phone, then I myself will buy the Nubia Redmagic 9 Pro.

Rising Star II

Do it  you won't regret it  I already change brand  went from red magic 8 pro and up until now is still working perfect. Rather than Rog phones which will only run smooth for a year or month 😂  on each update the phone performance gets worst and worst that you might call it a budget phone performance  or even worst, and asus wouldn't bother fixing it 😂 been there with the rog 5  and I  regretted buying it soon the rog 8 pro will also share the same fate like their brothers 😂

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I'm thinking about replacing this phone with buyback, it's becoming worthless with Android 14 update

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I recently update to Android 14 on 7th March 2024 and immediately after the update i started facing the lag and freeze. Its so sad it brings back those memories when PC games were lagging as GPU where not advanced. After purchasing this costly phone if i still have to live with the horrors of lag and freeze, i think it would be better to get an average phone than this costly republic of laggers.

Device:- ROG 7 Ultimate

Purchase Date:- 9th July 2023