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Star III

Normal temperature when in standby is 31°C


When Using Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, 90Hz FPS, 38 - 40°C


When Gaming 41°C - 47°C


37 = Comfortable to hold

38 - 41°C = Started to feel uncomfortable when holding

42°C› = Can't hold anymore.


Putting on a casing, you mean?

Just increase 1-3°C on every data I just provided just now, you got the temperature for the phone while casing is on.


Pretty sure people now understands that (Higher Temperature = Shorter Lifespan)


Star II

Is this on dynamic mode? I have tried with mine playing COD for about 30min but phone temp did not exceed 37C (using game genie monitoring). Not using any coolers and my phone is in a case. My refresh rate was set to Auto and I noticed that I started the game at 120fps but later dropped to 60fps after a few minutes.

What phone are you using and what is your firmware version? 

ROG 7 Ultimate 5G

Nope, X-Mode

How is your phone able to keep the temperature under 37°C ?? Are you in a cold room? Or you put your graphic setting at lowest? And did you update your Asus Firmware?