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Rog 7 Destroyed By Latest Update WW-33.0820.0810.217

Zen Master I

ASUS have yet again ruined a good device. With their latest trash update; WW-33.0820.0810.217, the phone now heats up like an oven and the battery life drains much quicker. What's worse is that ASUS have pulled all other firmwares from their website, so you can't even downgrade back to and older software. "Android System" seems to absolutely destroy the battery life, as seen in the screenshot I've attached. The phone heats like crazy too and if course battery life is now sh**. 


ASUS will never learn, the phone was running fine before their updates. They fix 1 "problem" and cause multiple problems at the same time. Complete and utter joke.


Hall of Fame I

ASUS will never learn,

They do, they learned no matter what they do people like you will still buy. Your complaint means nothing, youll keep buying.

The ones who don't learn are people like you.

Yes I f***** up again with trusting this brand again 🤬 however I've successfully downgraded and all is good now. Nevertheless, doesn't excuse the fact that Asus is still running it's gone with updates 

also: ASUS have yet again ruined a good device

Define a good device for me.

All I see is outdated, extremely slow and sht calibrated E4 panel from 2020, imagine using panel that even isnt well recieved on phones in the midrange. Mediocre speakers with inconsistent frequencies based on how much bass there is, no wireless charging, budget camera setup, lack of high refreshrate for majority of games, bad software support, relatively slow charging, by now average battery size even outdone by budget phones, prone to defects and other issues, rather bad at reception (4g,5g etc.), horrid fingerprint reader, lack of above 60hz streaming support etc.

Please by all means, enlighten me how this device is somehow a good device.


I'm happy with the screen, no issues here. Speakers on this are phenomenal. Battery life is great. Don't care about wireless charging. I'm not a photographer so can live with the camera. Reception is better on this than on s23 ultra which I used to have. Haven't noticed any defects yet apart from the useless software updates. 

Saying all that, there are devices that are far better however, i like it for what it is.