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Pubg Crash Whit Android 14

Star III

I'm back with my problem, I remember I brought Rog 7 and I've been a PUBG mobile player for 6 years, the game has never been so bad, The problem is Android 14, before my game was running at a constant 91 fps and 20 ms, now it's fluctuating between 50 and 90 fps, when I fire the gun I shoot 10-20 rounds out of 40 as long as it has a magazine then it stops, it moves very hard, when I set the target to fire very hard I can move the cursor left-right with the target set. ...please do something it can't be played like this... i regret and sorry i updated to android 14... android 13 was very good i had no problems with it the game moves very easy and it was a pleasure to play, I bought a gaming phone but unfortunately I can't enjoy the pleasure of the game....