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Pink vertical line in ROG Vision back screen

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Hi, I recently purchased my ROG 7 Ultimate last Sept 2, 2023. However on Sept 9, 2023, I noticed that my ROG vision back screen has a vertical pink line at the left side. I don't know if this is a hardware issue or there is something I can do as an end-user to remove the pink vertical line. I know that it still has warranty but I am worried because I am very careful with my phone with no accidents like dropping or bumping it to any surface. I am also careful not to get it overheat. I hope someone can help or find a solution. Or if this is a hardware issue, I hope Asus can do something about this.

I will also post a video clip of my ROG vision screen. You can see the pink vertical line at the left of the center of the screen. If someone has the same issue like me, please don't hesitate to reply. Thank you.


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Since when OnePlus made this phone?

@MaceDraconik  What OnePlus?

OnePlus is notorious for having amoled issues regarding particular lines...

The one I showed on the video is Asus ROG 7 Ultimate