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Phone shuts down

Star III

Today my phone started to act wierd. It has started freeze the screen and then black screen do just die and having to manually reboot it. It's FIFTH time in one hour. 

Usage situation: Just having Amazon prime casting and then letting my kid use YouTube Kids.

What is going on!?



Does this happen only when casting?

It seems like the scenario in which it appears is when casting in one app and watching video in another is what's causing the shutdown. 

The shutdown issue is faced by me too while gaming. I was just playing Cod: Mobile and then the Rog 7 just reboot itself out of nowhere. It was not heated or anything like that and I am on the latest version.

It happens now too. I am casting a movie in Amazon Prime and after a random time when I try to use the phone it FREEZES (can't press anything) and.... the screen turns black leading to a reboot.