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Nfc stops working

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Just got the new Asus Rog phone 7 ultimate , I have nfc placed at various places connected to Alexa. The issue with the phone isn't the nfc as per say but a software issue wherein once nfc is switched on the phone can read tags and everything very comfortably.

But once it's locked and then unlocked then it won't, then u have to toggle nfc off and on again and it works until the next phone lock .

Please see into it and is anyone else facing the same issue 

I have the Indian version



Hey @aameecheri,

Can you please share the FW version of your device and also clarify the following details- 


  • How often do you experience this issue?
  • While using NFC, is there an NFC icon on the status bar but there is no response" or "No response because NFC function somehow automatically turned off itself"
  • How long (the time during phone locked and then unlocked) does it take for this issue to occur? (does the phone have to be idle for a few seconds or a few hours?)


I got the latest system update today 

The issue still persists but differently now as it works perfectly now after immediate lock unlock 

But stops working if the screen is locked for say more than a minute . It may or may not work 

Works about 70 percent of the time 

And works if the screen is locked again and unlocked again 

Attaching the system update no. And screen shot of nfc icon on status bar when it wasn't working For reference 




Just a quick question, do you use face unlock when you are using NFC? If so, can you try and see if it works when using other unlocking methods?

Community Manager
Community Manager


Hi, if your issue is "unable to detect/read card after screen unlocked or camera enabled", we already have a fix on 33.0820.0810.208. Please help confirm if issue persists after upgrading to .208. Thanks.