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New to ROG Phones and have some questions

Star I

Hey guys, currently and iPhone user but been wanting to switch for a while, was looking at the ROG 7 since it's the latest version. These are my questions about the phone:

  1. Is the ROG 7 Ultimate available in the USA? I've been searching on Amazon and such but can't seem to find it, only regular 7.

  2. If the Ultimate isn't available in the US and I decide to buy the regular 7, can I buy the aero ACTIVE cooler separately and will it work properly? (Don't know if the ultimate has some pins that the regular doesn't that makes the fan work)

  3. This one is more of a "what do you suggest" question but, should I wait for the ROG 8? not really in a hurry to buy neither so was wondering if i should save up a bit more and buy the next model.


Thanks for your help.


Star III

BE CAREFUL ON AMAZON!  You are likely to get the lower cost Chinese model with hacked firmware.  The model number isn't on the outside of the phone.  The Chinese model doesn't have the correct radio for US or global use.  Buy from a real authorized seller.

Don't worry about the cooling port.  There's a standard cooler that works if you really need it.


The ROG Phone 8 has impressive technical improvements but it's new physical layout has a lot of haters.  I'm happier with the 7.