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For a phone to be within 30c is still very normal for a phone temp, as it depends on which things are working in the background, such as WiFi or phone signal.

nothing work on the background actually, i turned off most of the app background proccess ex whatsapp, gmail. cant count whatsapp as bg proccess as i open that on pc and turned off the notif while the pc active, gmail sync turned off by ultra durable mode i think, even if its on, its only every hour


mobile data turned off, wifi on max signal, phone signal coverage was good, nothing run on the phone


will try on airplane mode tmrw afternoon

Rising Star II


 after 1 game on airplane mode, nothing else opened

what is the highest temperature you get when playing mobile legend games during several games ?

mobile data only on room temp 46 or 47c

wifi only with ac set to 27c around 43 or 44

this is on android 14