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issue android 14

Rising Star I


Several issues I encountered after updating to Android 14 are as follows:

  1. FPS Game Mobile Legends Bang Bang:

    • While the FPS for Mobile Legends Bang Bang may have been addressed and set to 120 fps, I've experienced an issue where, during gameplay, clicking the basic attack button sometimes causes the game to exit and re-enter on its own. A hero description screen appears without any user input. Normally, exiting the game requires swiping the screen twice or pressing the exit button, but in this case, it suddenly exits and re-enters. Afterward, the speaker sound becomes strange, either sounding slightly muffled or coming from only one speaker. Exiting and re-entering the game resolves the issue temporarily, but it may occur again. This could be related to navigation buttons or touchscreen bugs.
  2. Armoury Crate:

    • Occasionally, when opening Mobile Legends Bang Bang, the initial animation for Armoury Crate or Game Genie doesn't appear, even though Armoury Crate is active. This issue varies among different games, as some display the initial animation while others do not.
  3. Phone Temperature and Battery Usage:

    • The phone's temperature slightly increases, and the battery feels somewhat more wasteful. After the update, there is occasional lag, and when opening an application and then deleting it, it seems to continue running in the background.
  4. LED Notification:

    • After updating to Android 14, the LED notification behaves oddly. While charging, the LED notification lights up as usual, but the color seems to vary when viewed from the sides, top, and bottom. The LED appears dark yellow from the side, transitions to a yellowish-green at the top middle, and appears orange when viewed at the bottom middle of the screen.
    • In Android 13, the notification LED while charging was always orange, but in Android 14, the color varies, showing a mix of orange, yellow, and green from side to side.
  5. Phone Notification Issues:

    • When receiving a message, the notification LED turns green and blinks rapidly, which is normal. However, for other notifications with a white LED, the blinking is slower compared to the quick green blinking. Before the Android 14 update, both green and white LED notifications blinked at the same rapid speed.

These are the issues I've encountered, and I believe they might be related to the Android 14 update, possibly involving touchscreen bugs, Armoury Crate, system performance, and LED notification inconsistencies.


Rising Star II

And in call of duty Mobile on the Rog 7 phone if you are in the lobby the fps has always been 30. In MP matches with ultra frame and low or medium graphics the fps is 120 and with higher graphics 60. In battle royal mode the fps has always been 90 with ultra frame. So thats normal.

Rising Star I

Does anyone know how to go back to Android 13? Please answer

Star II

After updating I also was unable to play COD Mobile. However, after disabling hardware-overlays in developer settings, the frame drop issue disappeared. Off topic: after the update, my full screen gesture navigation also did'nt work with Nova launcher. To work around this, I downloaded "Fullscreen gestures". Hope this helps someone