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Heavy load when recording video in the game

Star I

Dear representatives of Asus. Are you sure you are fully testing your devices before they are released? Rog phone 7 is the same gaming device? Then please explain to me. Why have you scored since rog phone 5 and can't fix the excessive load when recording the screen, which consumes a huge amount of resources? And the FPS in the game drops by 10-15 units? How many more series of rog phone will you release before you fix this bug?


 35 fps, Snap 8 gen 2, rog phone 7 8/256


Rising Star II

The problem is not in the CPU or in the high CPU power that is needed for video recording 


The problem is in CPU thermal limit who make the cpu speed lower at one point to prevent overheating. Sometimes i use my aero active cooler but the problem whit him is he cool the back of the phone not the CPU chip and even whit aero cooler the CPU overheated again and tha lower the fps in the games for example in COD mobile in 120fps game setting and 120 fps screen record the CPU overheat and the game fps drops sometimes to 100fps becouse the chip inside get a temperature around 80-90 degrees


In your case that can help little bit is not to use Xmode instead use advanced gaming tuning and make a personal gaming profile for the cpu




Rising Star II

In your case i dont see any overheating becouse you have a 36C system temperature maybe if you fix some settings you will not have any problems also sometimes games are very bad optimize and in some case this can be a problem for FPS drops i am sure Rog 7 can handle this game at 60 fps and record whitout a problem at medium setting at 60 fps again just need some abjjust 

Repeatedly: When you turn on the built-in utility for recording the screen, the performance of the game drops. Since the days of rog 5. It drops very much, due to the increasing excessive load during recording. Asus can fix this