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fingerprint less sensitive

Star II

dont know since when , fingerprint to unlock device getting difficult , change all the way of fingers also very hard to unlock (about 20times only 1 or 2 times can get unlock .) nvr have this problem before . tried delete old record & save new fingerprints , 1st day it was fine , when day 2 it begin hard to unlock already .


1. overheat

2. fingerprint issue

3. brightness sometimes go up and down in game make the fps drop

4. battery discharge when standby and playing game

all of this solved when i downgrade my phone yesterday, only trying it for 3 hours though, don't know what will happen in the next few days, but quoting from others that do the downgrade, everything did work better compared to A14

Bro, what to do if there is no way to contact the service?

1. keep using your phone but not for gaming, if u do use it for gaming stick to the medium or low fps and graphic

2. just drop your phone for now and use another phone if you have other phone while waiting for the update that hopefully will fix all of this

3. sell your phone or give it to others as gift, I don't think they will complain as that was a gift not the hard work money they spend for some mediocre phone

4. you can try go to general service phone and pay some money to them for the downgrade but it's not recommended especially if your phone still in warranty.

3 is so funny🥹. Recently an update came out, I asked on the forum what and how it was, no one answered(

nothing changed, try read the prev post/thread before yours. Some others including me already shared our experience with the latest update.