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Bypass charging

Rising Star I

Rog 7 ultimate I'm using it and the charge drops between 7% and 10% in an hour on bypass charging, is this normal? I would be glad if someone could inform me. 


Star I

I got the same problem here. whem i just charge the phone on slow charging it still charges on 65w but on bypass charging is using the slow charge.


Are you by any chance using the AeroActive Cooler? and in that case which setting?

Yes, I'm using the cooler, bypass charging only. I didn't pay attention to the smart bypass charging, anyway I always use the cooler while playing games. And the bypass charge hurts but still the battery drops 10% to 7% in 1 hour I don't remember experiencing anything like this on Rog 6. My current phone is rog 7 ultimate 

This problem is only in percentage, for example, I am on bypass charge, my battery is 90% if I play for an hour, it becomes 80% when cooler and bypass charging are active.