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Bug on Asus ROG 7

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My whatapps always hard push to talk and after recently update system, my phone charged 100% and green light indicator on but it never goes off after I unplug the wire. Battery drain faster after update  Fingerprint not accurate . 


Yes same with me bro. Everytime must restart the phone. 

Already factory reset and hard reset. No use

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I close my account I switch to this account for this forum.

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Same with me. After full charge and left for 3 hr or 4 hr the green led light cannot go off. 

Rising Star I

It has been no respond from them since they give a general solution which is reset the phone. Asus moderator very unresponsive, Asus not responsible after sales service. What is the point create this forum ?? We have to speak Chinese or mandrain in the forum in order get respond??